What's For Lunch?

JoJo’s Kitchen offers a fresh, delicious, island inspired, healthy variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and home-made desserts. For those who prefer hot box lunches, choose from a selection of menu items including grilled meats and stir-fry dishes with rice.

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients and keeping the choices simple, Chef JoJo provides you with a delicious, healthy mid-day meal alternative.

Chef JoJo is inspired by healthy living, creating menus that deliver imaginative bold flavors for those who are health conscious, including vegetarian and vegan selections. Please note that all entree size lunches come with a bottle of water and your choice of a home made dessert. 

* Allergy alert (We have tried to mark each dish that directly contains nuts in the ingredients. Please be advised that we are NOT a peanut free catering service, peanuts ARE used in our kitchen and we can not guarantee that your dish will not be exposed to nuts.)

* all boxed lunches include a dessert and a bottle of water.

Hot Boxes

Sandwiches & Tacos


Yummy Bowls

Entree Salads

Side Salads